Still August

August 16, 2020

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I had intended to get the updated site posted before now, but plans change. My goal is to have the new stuff loaded before the end of August and if anyone other than me is reading this, then I did that. Or close enough.

In a nutshell; COVID-19 pandemic continues, more house work has been accomplished, running distance has improved, weight loss is a bit stuck.

We do have a vacation coming up and I am really looking forward to getting away even if we are still going to be keeping to ourselves and not going out. Different walls and a change in scenery will be nice. A break from work will be good too. It has been nearly a year since I took any time of note off from work. On the plus side, I have been working through all of the pandemic mess, however I could do with some time away. I am getting tired at looking at these computer screens.