Plans for August

August 02, 2020

  • general

It is already August and yet again I am left wondering where this year has gone. So... plans for this month and maybe for the rest of this year.

On the project front, there are quite a few things around the house that need to be completed. I was able to get a fair amount of items done during the past few months, but there are always things that need doing.

  • Painting - Office, Den, Master Bedroom, Museum. That will pretty much get the house painted. Bathrooms are up in the air. We may do something with those but have not decided.
  • Flooring - The big project for the month will be to get flooring installed. Thinking about starting that mid-month. Hopefully we can get most of it done it a couple of weekends and evenings. There is a lot to do. Upstairs in the main living area first. Downstairs in the den and office after.
  • Night stands - I am drawing up some ideas for some night stands and would like to put those together this month. Still working through the initial sketches and I will probably create a project page to go over the details and progress on that one.
  • Deck - Got some additional posts to replace the old ones on the deck. Two of the posts will go in quickly; should be an afternoon of work. Still need to dig and pour a footing for one post. It is currently sitting on a concrete block that has shifted over the years. No clue who let that pass as a good idea. I will probably put in two additional posts for some extra support. One will be an easy install, the other will need a footer. So that makes two concrete footers to dig and pour, and five posts in total to replace or add.

As for other things this month, one goal it to finish the update to the website so that this blog and project blog are up and running. Still a few things to work on with the design and some additional content to put together. I would say that content is the hardest part, but really for me it is deciding on a design. Hopefully I have the bones of the site built well enough that design refreshes will be pretty easy whenever I change my mind.