October Thoughts

October 09, 2020

  • general

It is October so I figured I would write up some general thoughts about what has been going on post hurricane vacation.


Work continues to go well. I have been working with this current client for a year and it looks like I will be continuing for the next several months either on the same project or on a new project. I kind of would like to switch to the new project for a change of scenery. It is not likely to be a radical shift from what I have been working on but would give me a chance to do a little more UI work.

I am missing the design side of things. This site is an opportunity for me to do a little of that, but by the end of the day, it is not something I want to mess with. I did make some changes in my resume to give it a little more flair and I am working on some changes to the blog side for a little more fun. This post for example is implementing a different set of styles. Keeping it simple for now, but may dive deeper into other designs later.


I still have not really started on a project per sé, but I am continuing to practice with little things. I made a small display shelf for my wife to display some fossils. I also made some simple boxes more as a way of practicing cutting and joining miters than for any real purpose. They came out pretty well but I do have work to do on accuracy.

I did also some make more shelves. I think I have the technique down for those at this point and if I take my time they come together pretty well. I made a larger shelf about four feet long and it is very strong and stable. Next step will be to get a few sheets of plywood and I can get started on that project.

As for the new flooring that we need to install, we are looking around for some other options. I laid out the box that we had picked up and decided to walk on it and was just not happy with the texture. I asked my wife to do the same and she agreed that it was just not pleasant underfoot. So back to the drawing board.